Living God Fellowship
Living God Fellowship
Monday, January 18, 2021
Preparing fruit for the harvest


Living God Fellowship emphasizes musical and congregational wholehearted worship, including artistic expression in song, instrumentals, dance, gesture, banners, and art. As a prophetic church, we see the use of all of these as ways to express present truths and messages in the Holy Spirit and His anointing. Click below for a selection of composed and spontaneous prophetic songs from our live gatherings!
 Worship Team and School:
LGF’s mission includes being a community in worship. As part of this mandate we have our own worship training school. Our worship Team has ongoing training using a curriculum called NewMode© Team Worship, written and implemented by Collins Lein. From his many years of being an ethnomusicologist, performer, multi-instrumentalist and worship leader he has created a school learning environment in which prospective musicians, singers and worship leaders receive ‘how-to’s’ on functioning in a shared team context first, before their musical skills and anointing. Prophetic instruction is also offered and individual skills are developed and integrated.
This NewMode © training forms the core of how we approach musical worship in the congregation. Clear guidelines, team principles, evaluation and inter-team relations are presented throughout the year, and anyone wanting to be part of this aspect of LGF worship goes through the school team trainings.
 Available for listening: