Living God Fellowship
Living God Fellowship
Wednesday, March 03, 2021
Preparing fruit for the harvest

Our Mission: build a worshipping, prophetic community within a learning and equipping environment, making disciples of Jesus Christ and being a kingdom resource for our region and beyond.


Living God Fellowship began in 1984 with seekers of truth who wanted to experience spiritual reality in Christianity. Since that time, through this ministry hundreds of people have had life-changing encounters with God which freed them to pursue their destinies.


Team meeting
Small groups
Guest ministries
Workshops, Seminars
Seasonal Feasts




Preparing fruit for the harvest
Fulfilling God's purposes in this generation





Our model is the "diamond disciple", the 4 points being what it takes to have a fruitful, growing and balanced life in Christ.

We believe the local church is an important building block in the greater body of Christ...for planting and building, and for releasing and sending.