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Wednesday, March 03, 2021
Preparing fruit for the harvest

Responding to the Prophetic

ur first response to a prophetic word is to be encouraged! The scriptures assure us that God knows us, is with us, and is for us, but prophecy can dramatically demonstrate that. We can hear about things from our past or present or dreams for the future that no one else but God knows. Prophecy can also convince us to be Totally honest before God, and to properly reverence Him.
The "spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus", Who gave aspects of His office to apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds and teachers so that His people would be equipped and matured. Prophecy points and reveals, but we need  the other ministries to fulfill our direction. We need the "blueprints" or building ability to outline plans and foundations for our destiny. We need to be "evangelized" in our hearts to Jesus' purposes for us. We need shepherding to guide us through the plans, and we need teaching.
Wisdom understands that the person who receives the prophecy often must change before the prophecy is realized. For example, a mother of 4 young children was once told she would eventually open her home to a number of hurting children. At the time, this thought did not appeal to her at all. However, some years later she embraced the call with great desire.
Prophecy may also point to a calling which requires the development of character and skills. For example, supposing a 7 year old boy was told that someday he would be a major league baseball player. There are many years of growth and focus before this would be a reality. Along the way, he might actually not make a desired team, or have to sit on the bench for a season, or have physical injuries. The prophetic word would then need to be a source of faith and encouragement. What he could not do is simply sit back and wait to be called by the Yankees or Red Sox!
All prophecy is conditional. There are stated conditions: "if you do this, then this will happen" and there are implied conditions. The implied conditions are that the person remains humbly walking with the Lord and according to His word. If God says that you are going to be a successful businessman, the unstated conditions would be that the business would be conducted with integrity, and the profit would bless not only the person but also the Kingdom of God.
rophecies often refer to an outcome, rather than the details of how the prophecy will come about. For example, in the Old Testament, God told the shepherd boy David that he would be King of Israel. He didn't mention that prior to that, David would have to flee for his life, live in a cave, raise up other mighty men, and not become king for many years.
In reflecting on prophecy, unstated truths will also arise. If someone hears "you are going to have great victories in your life", there is an unspoken reality that that must mean there will also be great battles. A person who is told she will have great faith or great love may well have trials which build that faith or love.
It is important to accurately write out the prophecy as it is given, and be careful not to read into it what it does not say. God saying to a young woman, "I'm going to give you the desires of your heart" is not the same as saying "you're going to marry Joe" ...even if Joe is currently a desire in her heart!
The Bible says that "in the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses something is confirmed". Therefore, anything heard in a prophetic word must be confirmed in ways God speaks to us. This is a safeguard not only against our own presumption, but also against any false or inaccurate prophecies. Guidance comes as we read the Bible, as we pray, through peace in our hearts, through  other supernatural means (like dreams), by proper counsel, by timing and circumstances.
It is through "faith and patience" that we receive the promises of God. The W-W-W path of walking with Him includes His Word, His Will, and His Way. As we wait on Him there must be a "green light" in each of these areas before we proceed. No yellow lights of caution, and no red lights saying "stop!"
In seeking God, we need to make sure we've listened to, and obeyed, any previous guidance He has given us. You or others God intended to partner with you in certain works may "blow it" and fait. As you return to God in genuine repentance and seeking, it is possible for Him to create new possibilities which ultimately bring about His destiney. For example, there was a woman who felt the call of God to go to China, but was unable to meet some of the academic standards of her mission board. Eventually, "through faith and patience", she got there another way, and fulfilled God's purposes for her. We serve a creative, loving, and highly resourceful God!